Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen 

By RJ Staab Stone Company

"If you're not living outdoors,  you're not living right." 

The Bomb Shelter Outdoor Kitchen System, by RJ Staab Stone Company, is a system of interlocking concrete panels that are assembled to build a powerful foundation. This new system does away with the inferior weatherability of traditional steel stud and cement-board methods of construction. It also brings with it a lifetime warranty for the structure itself. The exterior may be finished with any material, similar to other methods of concrete construction. The difference is that The Bomb Shelter Kitchen will never rot, rust, or catch on fire! We also manufacture all types of commercial and residential stone veneers, precast concrete items, and concrete countertops. 

The Bomb Shelter Outdoor Kitchen System was developed by RJ Staab Stone Company in Gainesville, FL.

The original intent for inventing The Bomb Shelter system was to speed up the installation process of the kitchen’s base structure. Being in the precast business, it only makes sense to use the material we already have on hand. As a result, RJ Staab Stone Company developed the industry’s first and only prefabricated interlocking solid concrete base system.

Rj Staab Stone Company is also a dealer of quality outdoor appliances, doors, drawers, and other accessories. Together, the Bomb Shelter Outdoor Kitchen System can provide you with an outdoor kitchen that is not only beautiful but undeniably the industry’s most indestructible.

Lifetime Warranty


Rest assure whichever outdoor kitchen or fireplace you go with all of our setups come with a lifetime warranty.  The Bomb Shelter Outdoor Kitchen System by RJ Staab Stone Company is the ultimate outdoor kitchen.


At RJ Staab Stone Company, we specialize in creating revolutionary kitchens for outdoor living. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality case stone products.

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