Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire pits

How is your outdoor living space? Does it accommodate

your family gatherings? Wouldn’t it be nice to invite them

over to enjoy an outdoor fireplace on those somewhat

chilly evenings? Your outdoor living space is just as

important as your indoor living space, especially here in

Florida. We can enjoy all that nature has to offer almost

year round!

If we are lucky, we have plenty of space outside to

accommodate those outdoor activities. If we have little

space outside, we can still enjoy the outdoors if we plan

our spaces well.


We would be happy to add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to your back yard.

There is such a large assortment of outdoor fireplace options available to you here in Rj Staab Company.

Consider what fuel source you would like for your new outdoor fireplace. You can choose:

Gas burning-----Propane-----Wood------Ethanol

We can either match your current patio materials or we can design something entirely new for you. Whether your taste is elegant but simple or complicated and grandiose, our landscaping company can help you design the perfect outdoor fireplace.

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